Mark Gaeto Hosts Business Owners’ Forum

Mark Gaeto, a Managing Director of Falcon Capital Partners, and Scott Repke, a Principal at Bernstein Global Wealth Management, moderated the Spring 2014 session of the Business Owners’ Forum. The session focused on how the web and web technologies can enhance a firm’s brand, competitive position, and talent acquisition to improve growth and margins. More than 30 business owners attended the session.

The Business Owners’ Forum is a network of business owners and CEOs of private companies dedicated to sharing and finding ways to grow revenue, profits, and shareholder value. The Forum’s aim is to foster a healthy and frank discussion between CEOs or owners. It strives to create a collaborative environment where company leaders can meet as peers and colleagues to address a variety of issues faced by privately owned businesses. The Business Owner’s Forum was founded in 2009 and is sponsored by Alliance Bernstein and Falcon Capital Partners.