Ted Stack Presents “State of the Physician RCM Sector” at HBMA Conference

Ted Stack, Falcon’s Founder and Managing Director, was a featured speaker in Charlotte, NC yesterday at the annual Healthcare Business Management Association (HBMA) conference. His presentation covered the origin and evolution of the Physician RCM market over the last 25 years, including the growth of overall healthcare spending and breakdown by source, as well as the shifting distribution of physicians, payers, and RCM service providers. Ted also discussed the key trends that will allow companies to survive over the next 25 years, focusing on consolidation, growing use of technology, and the rise of the health system “sponsored” competitor in Physician RCM. His presentation concluded with commentary on market buzz and how investors are viewing value in the sector.

If interested in learning more about this presentation, please reach out to Conrad Olenik, Senior Associate, at colenik@falconllc.com.