TEM: Technology Expense Management

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Falcon is a leader in sell-side and strategic advisory services; we therefore consider it paramount to our mission to maintain unparalleled expertise in technology expense management in a changing world. Our managing directors have been successful founders and operators of technology companies, and our team boasts extensive depth and expertise in the technology-enabled services and software sector.

TEM is critical to accelerating innovation, reducing risk, increasing impact, and is changing as rapidly as technology is advancing; therefore, it is critical to stay ahead of the curve with the most up-to-date industry information and forecasting.

Technology Expense Management is an industry that has gone through an extreme transformation, and continues to evolve to this day. Technology Expense Management started first as bill auditing but, over time, the industry’s solution providers have adapted to deliver a wide array of software, software-enable services, and other services to address the full range of telecommunication and mobile technologies, and related expenses. Today, cloud-computing, SaaS, and privacy become even more critical in global business, and TEM is rapidly developing to cater to emerging and ever-changing needs.

Falcon’s Technology Expense Management White Paper leverages our top experts’ insights into the rapidly evolving TEM industry. You’ll gain in-depth insight into not only the current state of technology expense management, but also the future of the industry. Request our Technology Expense Management White Paper for access to Falcon’s top-of-the-line industry overview and forecast for the future.

TEM: Technology Expense Management

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Also included in the report:

  • The History of TEM: From Telecom to Technology
  • Trends in TEM
  • Overview of the M&A Market
  • Investor Landscape & Transitions
  • Falcon’s Expertise
  • And more!
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