Healthcare IT & Technology-Enabled Services

  • Provider Revenue Cycle Management
  • Transcription/NLP/Auto Coding
  • Clinical and Financial IT Systems
  • Data Analytics & Predictive Modeling 
  • Electronic Medical Records and Personal Health Systems
  • Business Processing Outsourcing Security, Identity and Access Management
  • Health Information Exchanges, Security, Identity and Access Management
  • Quality, Safety, and Compliance
  • Insurance, Disease Management, Predictive Modeling, Data Analytics
  • Pharma IT Systems & Analytics

Healthcare Services

  • Medical Billing and related Revenue Cycle Services
  • Payer Revenue Cycle Management
  • Consulting and Staffing
  • Home Health Care (HME & Nursing)
  • Business Processing Outsourcing
  • Specialty Pharmacy & Infusion Therapy
  • Laboratory Diagnostics, Rehabilitation, Behavioral Health, and Other Ancillary Services